Little Chameleon


What do you want from me?

I’m only one person, just one

…is it enough?


Laugh here, cry there…

Is it enough?

Dance here, drive there…

Is it enough?

Be witty… Shut up…

Is it enough?


Chameleon tempest tossed

In a sea of rainbow

Polluted by the abyss.






What do you want from me?

Better yet,

Pick a color, any color.


Does scarlet suffice you?

Does indigo cause you melancholy?

Is emerald to callow for you?

Is yellow too cowardly?


Does orange leave a bad taste?

Does violet excite you?

Or is it velvet ebony you long for?

Is it onyx you desire?

The cool empty feel of NOTHING.

Should I stay in the dark?


Is any of that enough?



Shape shifting in an uncertain world has

Left me without form…





Fight the raging sea

Of defiled incandescence.

The winds will carry you away.

Swim back to the rollicking comfort

Of your prismic revolution.

Little Chameleon,

Allow the Phoenix to quench…

These dry bones.

Is it enough for you?

Is it ever enough?




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