My Charlie Brown Thoughts on Thanksgiving


I’m grateful to know that there is one day a year

When a small percent of the world is allowed

Even encouraged to gorge themselves like a prized heifer,

While a larger percent of the world lulls themselves

Asleep to the wanting sounds of borborygmus.


I’m grateful that a large portion of that food

Migrates and settles in a nice landfill tucked away.

I suppose I should be grateful that much of it

Goes the journey intended and finds itself flushed down a toilet.


I’m grateful to be guilt tripped into sitting uncomfortably

In a room of people who love me, but don’t know me.

I especially enjoy the part where we all go around the room

And update these familiar strangers on the mundane details of our lives.


I’m grateful that somewhere in my ancestry

There was a man bold enough to leave his home,

Travel across the world and steal this one for me;

As if the original tenants weren’t using it to it’s potential.


I’m grateful that the end f this glorious occasion

Kicks off the most commercialized event of the year.

Thank goodness there are those insane enough to line up outside

The mall on Black Friday to get me something I probably don’t need.




2 thoughts on “My Charlie Brown Thoughts on Thanksgiving

    1. Cactac,

      Thank you, I appreciate the comment, I am sorry to take so long to reply to you. It means I’ve been busy on creative projects, keep an eye out for my next slurry of writing.


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