It seems to me in life

Amidst the tornado of strife

One comes to know what they know

Atop which, one’s reality may grow.


But when foundations are torn asunder

And life’s current has pulled ya’ under

All you thought you knew

Is for naught and you’re blue.


Feelin’ at a loss

All covered in moss,

Like in ignorant stone

In the wilderness all alone.


Back to ground zero

Hopin’ for a hero

To save you from the gallows

For waiting in the shadows,

The executioner sharpens his blade;

End game strategy is laid.

All the knowledge you had

Never saves you from bein’ sad.


So, do we know what we know?

Is there wisdom to sew

To the fabric of reality that is ours,

That life may be not a farce?


I suppose for there to be

Anything knew for us to see

Some dated wisdom must go

To make room for us to grow.


Out with the old, in with the new

To help us all make it through

This exhilarating, troublesome time

We each have n Earth to shine.


For the journey is the objective,

Not destinations effective

Luring of us to make it there

And forget about our care.

It’s the adventure before

That causes us all to soar

Above the hangman and his noose

And discover our own muse.


In conclusion I say NO!

I know what I know!

And what I know is this…

Nothing, it’s all amiss.