Mom Jokes

Like Dad Jokes, but better.

Y’all need a lil’ motherin’.
This shhh is bananas!
Mom Jokes is the motherly love y’all need. Whether you’re a mom (in the widest sense), have a mom (good, bad, ugly), or need a mom; this show is for you.

Mom Jokes is a comedy night worth getting a babysitter for; so drop the kids off with grandma/hire a babysitter/lock them in their rooms (jk) and put Mom Jokes on your calendar. Who are we kidding? You need a night out!

AUG 14 – Back To School Special

This year’s Mom Jokes will be at the swanky Watson’s Mystery Cafe & Spirits on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It will be the ONLY Mom Jokes show in Boise this year so we are making it a big one! 2 shows, 7pm & 10pm. 
  • Tired Mom – Krystal Moore
  • Single Mom – Tanya Cope
  • Workin’ Mom – Brittany Hargis
  • Bi Mom – Jynx Jenkins
  • Bar Mom – Tilly
  • Mr. Mom – Eric Cole

Hosted by:

Krystal Moore

She’s been “Lil’ Mama” for as long as she can remember… but, she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

She’s got her Mom-Crew of comics together for a night of mom jokes, mom-eye, and mom-hugs.


Past Features:

Jynx Jenkins & Alisha Donahue of Lady Bizness

Two sweet, smoky broads, from Boise, Idaho, who are winning at life. On stage, their utterly unique and seamless blend of standup, sketch, and music skewers womanhood and leaves everyone with sore laugh muscles for days (it counts as a workout). An evening with the Biz is like hanging out with your favorite inappropriate friends if your favorite friends were recurring winners of The Boise Weekly’s Best Comedian reader’s pick; shared the stage with comedy giants such as Gilbert Gottfried, Fortune Feimster, Hannibal Buress, and Emo Phillips; and recently made their debut at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Alisha and Jynx organize the annual Boise’s Funniest Person competition for amateur comedians, produce the monthly themed comedy show COOL BIRTHDAY at Liquid Laughs, and manage, between the two of them, to feed six hungry children on a semi-regular basis. Look, they’re busy.

Lady Biz-08.png

Merry Cole

She’s the real “cool mom”… She’s also seconds from popping; so she’ll definitely have some Mom Jokes come showtime! Until then we all wish her the best of luck in labor; may it be short and soon, and may the epidural flow freely!


Tanya Cope

She’s a divorced mom with a house that’s falling down around her. Classic comedy. She ain’t the only one in that boat, tho… so if you relate to that; you might wanna get your ticket to Mom Jokes and have a laugh about it.



Self-titled “Bar-Mom”… she’s only mildly alcoholic but she loves to poke fun at herself, her kid, and the eccentricities of human nature.

Tilly dropped her mom jokes on Boise’s Funniest Person competition this year and was a hit! Watch this woman make whiskey sours outta her lemons and come have a drink with her.

Mom Jokes-10

Hailee Lenhart-Wees

Motherhood comes in many forms, Hailee Lenhart-Wees earned her stripes while still a child, like so many latch-key kids in the ’90s, keeping her younger siblings technically alive and well-fed on Ego Waffles and Chef Boyardee.

She’s also a powerhouse in the comedy scene, producing her own series of shows… because she’s not the type of woman to wait for a man to open the door or give her a mic. Watch her drop it (but not really, because we respect sound equipment).


Pix of a SOLD OUT show!

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