Battle of the Sexes


Boise’s best comedic talent goes head to head in a Battle of the Sexes Comedy Show. This is not a roast, so to speak. It’s a test of who is funnier. You can buy a ticket to one show and vote that way or buy a ticket to both and laugh louder at the Women because we’re funnier.

7PM is All About The Bros Fo Sho with He-Larious featuring:

Big Gay Paycen
Myles Mathews
Austin Von Jonson
Reilly Hoy
L.j. Sullivan

9PM is Fatal with Femme Fatale – These Ladies Kill featuring:

Krystal Moore
Sara Rafaella
Breana Kali
Tanya Cope
Bree Jones

It’s the perfect date night for couples looking to spice things up. The couple that laughs together stays together! Test your relationship status with a comedy show.
It’s also the perfect ‘She-Woman Man-Hating’ night because we will be pegging the patriarchy one punchline at a time & paying the men 75 cents on the dollar.
It’s a bold night for the fellas, but you’re brave & strong. You can take it, big boy! Yes, we’re collectively pissed at your kind, but we are currently taking peace offerings. Like supporting local women in your community; comics, politicians, and business owners. This is how you can start to fix what y’all done broke; how you can support the women in your life. Also, don’t vote for a Fascist in November pretty please with a cherry on top.

Vote for my friend Kaylee Petersen for US Congress! She’s a she, and that’s nice for Idaho. She’s socially liberal and fiscally conservative… unlike the conservatives. Check out the rest of your ballot and do your part to ensure Idaho doesn’t turn into Gilead… more.