Doctor Who Velocity | Legends of the Time War


Here’s a short experimental film we made about the Time War coming to Earth! Legends Of The Time War – Battle Squadron Alpha. Doctor Who Velocity will return in 2019.

Doctor Who Velocity – Witch Doctor


Doctor Who Velocity is a fan-film project that I write, produce and act in with my partner, Chris Phillips.

With the talk of “Witch Hunts” in America recently, I wanted to go back to that point in time and remind folks what that really means.

Agnes Waterhouse is a historical figure, she was the first woman in England on record for having been executed for witchcraft. While a time-traveling alien did not save Agnes from her fate, in reality, the rest of Agnes’ story is accurate. She believed herself a witch, had a cat she named Satan, and admitted to putting curses on people. She was guilty according to the law… but the law was not fair.

In today’s “witch hunt” the law is fair. Those being investigated are being investigated ethically and with due process. There are no torture devices. No one is being subjected to dehumanizing treatment, persecution, or death. Words matter. Witch Hunts were real, they have a meaning in history. The thousands of people who were murdered by this hysteria are grossly dishonored by the misuse of the term.

For Agnes Waterhouse. For the Witches.