Calling ALL Black Sheep!


Is there no place in God’s fold for you? Join your fellow Apostates for a sacrilegious sacrament that will make your heathen heart howl with delight! The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour is my attempt at making lemonade, scratch that, a whiskey sour outta the lemon that is growing up Mormon.

Fall General Conference in BOISE is honored to be hosted by The Balcony Club & will feature some incredible sinners!

Revealed to you by:

Krystal Moore – Self-Proclaimed-Prophet

Choose To Rebel


Merry Cole – Relief Society President

Danni Petersen – Ward Choir Director

Myles Mathews – That Kid in Primary with a Bag of Goldfish on Fast & Testimony Sunday

Lyxx Atomic – The Ghost of a Witch Baptized by a Mormon Kid

Mock Testimony Meeting immediately after the show! Come & bear your true testimony!

Mom Jokes | 2019


Mom Jokes is off to a marvelous start! Our first show sold out, and there’s another show on February 23, 2020.

Liquid Laughs | Nov | 2019

Oh! The Places You’ll Ho!


Growing up Mormon I had more than one self-worth issue directly related to sexuality. It took years to process a lot of the damage religion did to me psychologically, specifically with sex and relationships. I see so many others coming out of their religions, cults, etc and struggling with what is normal sexual human behavior. One day I wrote a satirical children’s book on the matter.*


To inquire about purchasing a handcrafted pocket-sized copy for yourself, or the ho in your life:…